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Feeding the 5000 - as of July, Dover Foodbank issued their 5000th 3-day emergency food parcel.  Quite astonishing that there is so much hidden need under our noses.  The countrywide network of foodbanks gave out 1,109,309 emergency food parcels in 2015/16, figures that as a country we should be ashamed of and determined to do something about.  St Margaret's will be accepting donations of produce for Dover Foodbank at their Harvest Festival on the 9th October, along with financial donations to help support the new Dover Outreach Centre on Maison Dieu Road.

The bombing of an aid convoy heading to Aleppo scrapes the depths of inhumanity - the desperate loss of the brave aid workers and the despair of those waiting for aid that will now not come.  Shame on the leaders of the warring factions, who put territory before life.  Added to this, the bombing of the unarmed Syrian Civil Defence depots (commonly known as the White Helmets) it is difficult to even formulate words to express our feelings.  Watching the news footage of the White Helmets volunteers unearthing a baby from a bombed house, miraculously alive, we surely have a humanitarian duty to lobby national and international leaders as loudly as possible to intervene.  We pray for those that step inbetween the bombers and the bombed to help in any way they can.

The process which refugee families are supposed to follow to resettle in the UK is full of obstacles - take just one example: the adults are given intensive English courses, but have to go to two different towns on different days.  They have no transport and can't take the children.  Young, traumatised children are trying to be settled into schools and nurseries, but they will be in different places, at different days and times, and the mother will often be called in at any time to sit with the child or bring them home early.  This may well clash with the English tuition.  Health problems have to be dealt with, but appointments don't take into account school times, and could be at central hospitals.  No transport and no child care, and it may well clash with the English tuition.  We take our support networks for granted, and it is only when faced with such dilemmas that we realise how unbelievably brave and strong these refugee families have had to be (especially the mothers) to get their families to safety, and how much more they have to overcome to make a new life.

Click here for more information on organisations supporting refugees and asylum seekers in our area.


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 Sunday 9th October    
 St Margaret's  10.00am  Family Service
East Langdon 9.30am Communion BCP
 Westcliffe 8.00am  Communion BCP
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St Margaret's Benefice consists of four
historic village churches and is part of the
Dover Deanery, in the Diocese of Canterbury:

St Margaret of Antioch in St Margaret's-at-Cliffe
St Augustine   in East Langdon
St Peter   in  Westcliffe
St Mary the Virgin   in West Langdon
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  • Foodbank updated list - click here
  • St Margaret's Harvest Festival will be accepting produce for the Foodbank and financial donations to support the new Dover Outreach Centre.
  • We had a fantastic Children's Harvest Craft Morning on Saturday - find out more...
  • Donations are welcome for the St Margaret's Coffee Morning raffle - box in the church
  • Look on our Gallery page for pictures from the Harvest celebrations at St Peter's Westcliffe

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