The Churches of St Margaret's Benefice-Welcome!-The Churches of St Margaret's Benefice

The Churches of St Margaret's Benefice-Welcome!-The Churches of St Margaret's Benefice

Welcome to our little corner of England!

We are here to reach out to,
serve, connect and support everybody in the villages and hamlets surrounding
St Margaret's.  We strive to be a welcoming and friendly Benefice and look forward to meeting you on your faith journey.

Looking out...

We pray for Syria - seven years in to a devastating civil war, over what?  Can anyone remember?  We pray for the innocents; we pray for the loss of homes, history and culture; we weep for the devastation of a people and their nation; we pray for the surrounding countries and those farther afield who have received millions of displaced people despite their own precarious situations.  We pray for the United (procrasti)Nations who allow perpetrators of attrocities to veto the world concensus, may they find a way to end all hostilities.  We pray for the countries acting against the use of chemical weapons which killed 42 last week - international lines of decency were crossed.  Who decided that   barrel bombing of civilian areas and the bombing of hospitals were on the right side of that line?

'Period Poverty' is a relatively new phrase that has been in the news recently - it means not being able to afford sanitary products which leads to girls and women missing out on school and work because there is no way they can keep themselves clean and hygienic out of the house, or resorting to using rags and even newspapers as alternatives.  We are not talking third world countries here.  This is happening in the UK, in our own towns and cities.  50% of the population are female, yet the realities of one week in four are still a tabboo - we can't talk about "womens' things".  Well we can, and we will.  Girls should not be missing out on school because they can't afford sanitary products.  They are an essential not a luxury.  Dover Smart Project has a collection box in St Margaret's Church porch just for donations of sanitary products, so please feel free to drop them in when you are passing.  We no longer live in an age where they are put in a brown paper bag so no-one knows what you've bought, so please do not feel uncomfortable either leaving them there or seeing them there.

Thank you for the generosity of spirit that that continues to thrive in St Margaret's - you are a wonderful bunch of people!

Our thoughts and prayers are with Diane as she spends this Easter weekend making final preparations for her sabbatical - we will miss her presence and all that that brings to our Benefice for the next three months, but wish her a fruitful and safe personal adventure and look forward to hearing all about it on her return.  In the mean time, the kids are in charge!  If you have anything that you would normally wish to contact Diane about, please direct your enquiries to the following people:-
Churchwardens - Norman Liggins tel: 852265 / Barbara Wells tel: 852878
Verger - Sandy Liggins tel: 852265
Or you can email for general enquiries and we will endeavour to direct you to the most appropriate person.

We did it!- eight of us spent the night down in St Margaret's Bay to raise money for Porchlight, Catching Lives and Dover Outreach Centre - three charities that work with the homeless and vulnerable in our local community.  Click here for more information on how our night went.

You can still sponsor us either online by clicking the button below, or by dropping a donation in to 11 Royston Gardens, until the end of April, so if you feel you can, then we would be most grateful for your support.

Visit our charity page on BT MyDonatethen click on the Donate now  button.
Our current total is
1,873!  That is fantastic!  Thank you all so much for supporting this event, and more importantly, supporting these charities.

Next Services...
For a full list of the current month's services, click here.
Sunday 29th April
St Margaret's8.00amHoly Communion BCP
Westcliffe10.00am4 Churches Service
Saturday 5th May
St Margaret's11.00amSaturday Service
Sunday 6th May
St Margaret's10.00amMatins

visits to this website

  St Margaret of Antioch @ St Margaret's-at-Cliffe
  St Peter @ Westcliffe
  St Augustine @ East Langdon
  St Mary @ West Langdon
  • Dover Outreach Centre have released their report on the 2017/2018 Winter Night Shelter initiative - click here to read it.  The work that goes in to this endeavour is humblingly impressive.
  • If there is any remaining pledged sponsorship for St Margaret's Big Night Out, it can be dropped in to 11 Royston Gardens.  Online donations will be open until the end of April - thank you again for the astonishing support given to this event.
  • Looking for a good source of information and support for a teenage girl in you family?  Then I would highly recommend you go to - a great resource created by Charlotte Ford and Sam Stanley of this parish, full of honest advice and information.  It wouldn't hurt if a few boys read it as well...
  • Kent Dementia Action Alliance have a 24hour helpline - 0800 500 3014.  You can find more information on the Crisis Response page.

  • A vacancy has arisen at number 7 Amy Temple Cottages - click here for more information if you think you, or someone you know, might meet the criteria for residency.

  • This is a fantastic website and phone app to enable easy reporting of a rough-sleeper to services that can help - click here
    for more information.

  • Dover Food Bank'most wanted' list (updated 25th April 2018)
  • There will be a Deanery confirmation on the 18th June at Capel-le-Ferne - if anyone is interested, please contact the vicar.
Upcoming Events...
  • Spring Walk : West Langdon's annual fund-raiser will be on Sunday 29th April from 3pm, with the much anticipated tea afterwards!  See you all at Maydensole Farm for a lovely afternoon stroll.

Contact us...
01304 852179

General enquiries:

Diocese of Canterbury Safeguarding:

Click here to take you to the Safeguarding pages of the Diocese website.

Benefice Disclosure Officer:
Jannine Hyde tel: 853565
Benefice Safeguarding Co-ordinator:
Barbara Broughton tel:853840