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St Margaret's church was full for the Easter Sunday service -  Full of people, full of joy, full of worship.  There is nothing that quite matches the joy of the full-bodied singing of 'Thine be the Glory'!  With all the warmest Easter blessings to you all from the four churches of St Margaret's Benefice.

As we gather for our Easter celebrations - we pray for the Coptic Christians of Egypt and north Africa as they struggle to worship without persecution.  This ancient thread of Christianity suffers with very little media attention.  Is Western media embarassed to sympathise with Christian suffering, because suffering stereotypically only occurs in minorities, and Christianity is supposed to be the majority faith in the West?  Perhaps the notion that Christians suffer is acceptable - "throw them to the lions / burnt at the stake / Christian martyrs" etc. - that it is part and parcel of the faith?  We pray that we can live in a society that finds all suffering and persecution unacceptable, whoever the victim, and that empathy is not bound by notions of culture.

The Village Fête is coming round quickly, so put Saturday 10th June in your diary! - The Scout Group (and by that we mean all the Sections, not just the Scouts themselves) are really busy preparing for a wonderful village event in the warm June sunshine.  OK, we can fantasise about the weather, but the Fête will be wonderful.  What would be even better, is if anyone who would like to run a stall would contact them on katiewidget@hotmail.com or drop a note into the letterbox on the Scout Hut.

The Disasters Emergency Committee has launched a campaign to provide urgent relief for the people of East Africa - go to the
East Africa Crisis Appeal to see how they are trying to help the 16 million people on the brink of starvation.

We pray for France, as it goes to the polls
- we pray that fear does not deter people from exercising their hard-fought democratic right, or that it warps decisions made as the box is ticked. 

Had you thought about coming to church but weren't sure whether to or not? - Liz has written a terrific guide to the church services held in the Benefice, and why people decide to join the congregation.  It might just be the nudge you were looking for.


There are Commonwealth war graves in St Margaret's Churchyard - we now have an official plaque from CWGC to acknowledge their presence, and there are a team of dedicated people working on the 'Living Memory' CWGC project to provide histories for each of the seven souls we have buried there.  Have a look at our CWGC page as we continue to add fascinating information to this project throughout the year.



Find out more what's been happening in the Benefice at Reaching Out...



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Sunday 30th April   The Third Sunday of Easter
St Margaret's 8.00am Holy Communion
Westcliffe 10.00am 4 Churches Service
Saturday 6th May    
St Margaret's 10.30am Saturday Service
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St Margaret's Benefice consists of four
historic village churches and is part of the
Dover Deanery, in the Diocese of Canterbury:

St Margaret of Antioch in St Margaret's-at-Cliffe
St Augustine   in East Langdon
St Peter   in  Westcliffe
St Mary the Virgin   in West Langdon
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  • Foodbank UPDATED LIST (as of 10th April) - click here
  • The CWGC Living History Project now has it's own page on the website!  We will be adding information on each of the graves as we progress through the year.
  • Glorious Palm Sunday celebrations at St Margaret's - take a look at Liz's wonderful photos
  • Feel like finding your voice this year?  Click here   to find out a little more about St Margaret's Church Choir
  • Events coming up -
    - RBL Women's Section Coffee Morning - 29th April, Village Hall

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