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Looking out...


We reach the point in the church calendar of Candlemas, the end of Epiphany and the start of the progression towards Lent - in a world where many dark things are happening, where a world power thinks it is progress to turn their back on people in need and stigmatise entire world areas, we need the light of Christ to show the way.  We should hold our candles high, demonstrate our solidarity with the message of Jesus who showed love and compassion for everyone regardless of background.  We need to cast a light on the misguided arguments, expose them to scruitiny and challenge the forces that want to divide and set people apart and against each other.  Hold your candle high and never let it go out.

We pray for Syria and all areas of the world suffering from political, religious and environmental turbulence - we pray for tolerance, compromise, apologies and reconciliation. We pray for wrongs to be righted, balance to be regained, humble pie to be eaten and egos to be brought back into proportion.  We pray for the ability to see the longer view, to forego short-term gain and to work always for the greater good.

We pray for those who find the prospect of yet another year a daunting prospect - not everyone sees a new year as a new start, fresh beginnings.  For some it can merely be the start of another year of lonliness, illness, or the continuation of a problem or situation that seems endless.  Help us to look outwards with fresh eyes, and to turn up our empathy dial a little, to notice those that need a little more support.  Let this be a year where we do truely look out and reach out.

Had you thought about coming to church but weren't sure whether to or not? - Liz has written a terrific guide to the church services held in the Benefice, and why people decide to join the congregation.  It might just be the nudge you were looking for.

There are Commonwealth war graves in St Margaret's Churchyard - we now have an official plaque from CWGC to acknowledge their presence.


Find out more what's been happening in the Benefice at Reaching Out...

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Next Services:


Sunday 12th February    
Westcliffe 8.00am Communion BCP
East Langdon 9.30am Communion BCP
St Margaret's 10.00am Family Praise
Sunday 19th February    
St Margaret's 8.00am Communion BCP
WestLangdon 9.30am Service of the Word
St Margaret's 10.00am Communion Cw
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St Margaret's Benefice consists of four
historic village churches and is part of the
Dover Deanery, in the Diocese of Canterbury:

St Margaret of Antioch in St Margaret's-at-Cliffe
St Augustine   in East Langdon
St Peter   in  Westcliffe
St Mary the Virgin   in West Langdon
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  • Foodbank updated list - click here
  • There is an exciting project being started at St Margaret's, as part of the CWWGC "Living Memory Project" - find out how you can be involved 
  • Feel like finding your voice this year?  Click here   to find out a little more about St Margaret's Church Choir
  • The Saturday Service meet again on the 4th March at 10.30am as we look at Lent.
  • Events coming up -
    -  next Parish Council meeting Monday 13th February 6.45pm
    - Mothering Sunday Craft Morning: Saturday 25th March 10am to 12noon.

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