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Here you'll find details and write-up's of past events that have happened in the Benefice, generally from a year ago and beyond.  The current year's activities are on our Reaching Out pages.     

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The Christingle & Nativity Service is always a highlight, and 2019's was no exception! - the children were magnificent, with abundant angels and shepherds joining us on the day. It's so lovely that our local families are comfortable to simply turn up and join in - we always strive to be open and welcoming and a truly family friendly church community. We combine the Nativity with our Christingle service, to really focus the time on children. After the service, we went down to the village Christmas tree to dress it with red and gold ribbons - quite an established tradition now! Have a look at a selection of photos from the day below:-

CN 2018 pic1JPG

Christingle candles cast a beautiful glow around the church.

CN 2018 pic2JPG  CN 2018 pic3JPG

Our amazing Nativity cast were a total delight, and we only had one small punch-up between the Kings (they were brothers, it's to be expected!)

Afterwards, we gathered at the village Christmas tree to adorn it with red and gold ribbons. We were without big tall Jimmy, but Henry manfully took on the challenge of getting them tied as high up the tree as possible!

CN 2018 pic4JPG  CN 2018 pic5JPG

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The weather was pretty atrocious - but despite that we were delighted to welcome so many families to St Margaret's for the Advent Craft Morning on Saturday 1st December. You truly are a hardy lot! The children enjoyed getting stuck in (literally - those glue dots are pretty sticky!) making paintings, collages, tree ornaments and decorations, whilst the grown-ups could enjoy a deserved hot cup of tea and mulled wine with mince pies. There was plenty of chatter and good cheer, and the observant spotted the (deliberate *cough* of course) typing mistake in a set of instructions! Got to keep you on your toes. Thanks to everyone who turned out in the wind and rain, your continued support is so precious and appreciated.

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To commemorate the Centenary of WW1 St Mary's West Langdon held a short service in the Church followed by planting poppy seed under the memorial tree in the Churchyard which had been planted in 2014.

WW1_pic1jpg  WW1_pic2jpg

WW1 pic3JPG  WW1 pic4JPG

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St Margaret's Saturday Service was full of lively participants today (November 3rd) -
our theme was Remembrance and the creation of peace after conflict, and our youngsters (and not so youngsters!) acted it out with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. "In Flanders Fields", the poem by John McCrae, was read and we created our own field of poppies for the display board - and a magnificent job they all did.

Oct Sat Serv Flanders Field 2018jpg

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Harvest Festival at St Margaret's was a joyful celebration - with a congregation of all ages and some lovely musical extras from our choir and talented youngsters, we welcomed the chance to come together and share our gifts for Dover Food Bank and the Chrlton Drop-In Centre. In addition, the week before St Maargaret's Primary School had been in to hold their own Harvest celebrations, and with their gifts, those in real need this Autumn can be provided for. The theme for both services was the importance of sharing our resources and it was a real example of people doing just that.

StM Harvest 2018 pic1jpg  StM Harvest 2018 pic2jpg  StM Harvest 2018 pic3jpg

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A little bit out of our Benefice, but nonetheless a really worthwhile endeavour, The Beacon Church in Dover host three great ideas - Friendly Friday, Community Table and SNAP.

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St Peter's church at Westcliffe celebrated their Harvest Festival on Sunday 23rd September - despite the miserable weather, the church looked wonderful (as always) with really delightful harvest decorations.

St P Harvest 2018 pic1jpg  St P Harvest 2018 pic2jpg

St P Harvest 2018 pic3jpg  St P Harvest 2018 pic5jpg  St P Harvest 2018 pic6jpg

St P Harvest 2018 pic4jpg

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We can all be Superheroes! - our June Saturday Service was all about Pentecost and Beyond, and we talked about how the Holy Spirit gave the Disciples that extra strength and courage to go out and spread the Word of Jesus far and wide, to create the worldwide church we are all part of today. Of course, it also gave them the ability to speak many different languages, which they thought was cool! We decided that it turned them into Superheroes so we made our own, with capes of flame of the Holy Spirit, because we can all be Superheroes! [note - the first time I typed 'Superheroes' I actually typed Superhorses!]

June Sat Serv 2018jpg

The children turned themselves into Superheores with a little help from the Holy Spirit!

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Our Saturday Services resumed this month (May) after our Easter Break - we were treated to glorious weather, and on a Bank Holiday weekend too! The theme this time was Ascension, with this year falls on Thursday 10th May. we talked about how Jesus had spent forty days after his resurrection appearing to many people, and that he had to return to his Father in Heaven, but would send something of himself in place of his own physical body to be with us all, wherever we are, for all time. He made his Disciples a promise and they had to be patient and wait for its arrival. We decided that being patient was a really hard thing to do, especially when you are not quite sure what it is you are waiting for!

Our craft carried on this theme, creating a picture with something that you then remove, but the same thing remains - Jesus is no longer physically with us, but the Holy Spirit remains. The children enjoyed the unrestricted nature of this craft - they could choose the colours, they could put as many lines on the picture as they wanted, and they were impressed by their endeavours!

Ascension May 2018jpg

The dove was removed to leave behind - a dove!

We celebrated the birthday of the church at our Pentecost Family Service - always good to have cake!

Pentecost Family Service 2018jpg

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Oh my! We have been busy! - we've slept out in the Bay, had a busy Easter Craft Morning and enjoyed a joyful Palm Sunday around the Benefice, and now we look forward to Good Friday and the truth of Easter Sunday. Our Big Night Out was a truly rewarding (both monetarily and personally) experience and we are so delighted to be able to support the three chosen charities. Fortified with a fabulous breakfast, we held our Easter Craft Morning just a couple of hours after leaving the sleep-out - it was lovely to see so many families come and make Easter crafts, have time to chat and spend an easy morning while their little ones were occupied in their little achievements as they created their masterpieces!

Palm Sunday 2019 was celebrated at St Mary's West Langdon and at St Margaret's, and we both had livestock! Arthur and Smithy paraded into St Margaret's church (and left us a little present!) and a remarkably realistic donkey was installed at St Mary's.

The St Margaret's Palm Sunday Procession:

Palm Sunday 2018 pic4JPG  Palm Sunday 2018 pic11JPG  Palm Sunday 2018 pic8JPG

Palm Sunday 2018 pic13JPG  Palm Sunday 2018 pic18JPG

Meanwhile, at St Mary's...

StMWL - Palm Sunday 2018 pic1JPG  StMWL - Palm Sunday 2018 pic2JPG

On the 25th March 16 of us had a lovely Palm Sunday service at St Mary's, taken by Roger Broughton with familiar hymns played by Jannine Hyde and joined by an inanimate donkey which brought a smile to peoples faces and wide eyes to the two youngest members of the congregation.