When We Worship...

...at the Four Churches of the Benefice  Praisepng 

Saturday 4th January

St Margaret's 11.00am Saturday Service

Sunday 5th January 
The Epiphany

St Margaret's 8.00am Communion BCP
East Langdon  10.00am Family Service
St Margaret's  10.00am Matins

Sunday 12th January - The Baptism of Christ First Sunday after Epiphany

Westcliffe             8.00am Communion BCP
East Langdon  9.30am Communion BCP
St Margaret's   10.00am Family Service with guests from Dover Outreach Centre

Sunday 19th January - The Second Sunday of Epiphany

St Margaret's     8.00am  Communion BCP
West Langdon   NO SERVICE
St Margaret's  10.00am  Communion CW

Sunday 26th January - The Third Sunday of Epiphany

St Margaret's 8.00am Communion BCP
East Langdon     9.30am Communion CW
St Margaret's  10.00am Communion CW

BCP  - Book of Common Prayer

CW   - Common Worship