The Benefice of St Margaret's with Westcliffe, and East & West Langdon

Part of the Dover Deanery, in the Diocese of Canterbury, Kent.

Welcome to our little corner of England!

  • We are here to serve, connect and support everybody in the villages and hamlets surrounding
    St Margaret's.

  • We strive to be a welcoming and friendly Benefice and look forward to meeting you on your faith journey.

News in brief...

  •  Check Dover Food Bank logopng  for their 'most wanted' page by clicking on their logo
  • Things are starting to happen again!  Keep an eye on our What's On..? page as more events are allowed 
  • Revd Kaz is taking a few weeks well earned rest, after an intense first 4 months in the Benefice.  The 'hello@' email will be regularly checked by our admin team, Polly & Richard are covering all things ecclesiastical, and you can always contact the Churchwardens at any time.

  • See our latest video on our YouTube channel!

  • for more news, go to our News... page. I know, it's seamless!

Looking Out...

Churches are fully open for services!

You no longer have to pre-book any service, or be seated to a rigid, socially distanced seating plan.  AND WE CAN SING!!!
We recognise that, as cases are high and rising, you may still prefer to wear a face covering and take care in public spaces - and we totally support anyone who wishes to do so.  Please feel free to decide as you see fit, you will be warmly welcomed whatever your choice, but please respect others' choices as their requirements may be different to yours.  It will also take a little while to return communion fully to it's form we have missed so much.

St Margaret of Antioch : So just who was she? -
a fascinating, courageous young woman who defeated evil as it came to her in dragon's form, as she held fast to her Christianity.  How do you defeat your dragons?  Do they become too big to bear sometimes, or can you face them head on and shrink them down into mere harmless kittens?  We were delighted to see so many at our festival service, and as we finished the morning sitting by the West Door, singing to the sound of the organ playing through the door, it was just delightful to see everyone together.
Youngsters from around the Benefice have been making amazing artwork on the theme of dragons - have a look at our Gallery page to see what they've achieved - more pictures will be added in the next few days.  You will also be able to see it in the church for yourself on Saturday 24th July from 10am to 3pm so please do find the time to appreciate their efforts and see your church alive with flowers and art!

Get those jabs in your arms...  we still need to be mindful of the hands/face/space requirements, but this will make a huge difference.  God gave us brains for a reason, and they've certainly showed us what an incredible capacity for research and innovation we have. 
We still need to do all we can, as a caring society, to minimise the spread of this disease, but we can really champion the hope that we will get through this.  Stay safe and if you are in need of anything, even if it's just a chat, get in touch with us or the St Margaret's Hub and we will find someone who can help. 

2.5million emergency food parcels given out by Trussell Trust food banks from April 2020 to March 2021 - that's up from 1.9 million the previous year.
Whilst the Trussell Trust are the largest foodbank organisation, they are by no means the only ones. Food poverty is real and should not be happening. In all of 2010 the number was 41,000. I'll just let that sink in.  You can read more on

28,000 people - Councils report nearly 5 times as many rough sleepers in 2018 than the official government figures, as a Freedom of Information request from the councils discovered.  The government pledge to "fight the scourge of homelessness".  How about we fight the scourge of the causes of homelessness, and maybe that would make a difference?  Sweeping people off the streets doesn't solve the problem, it takes it from under our noses - the BBC have a pertinent report on their website right now, you can find it if you click here.

Saw this...   Screen Shot 05-26-19 at 0842 PMPNG ...thought it was kind of lovely.