The Benefice of St Margaret's with Westcliffe, and East & West Langdon

Part of the Dover Deanery, in the Diocese of Canterbury, Kent.

Welcome to our little corner of England!

  • We are here to serve, connect and support everybody in the villages and hamlets surrounding
    St Margaret's.

  • We strive to be a welcoming and friendly Benefice and look forward to meeting you on your faith journey.

News in brief...

  •  Check Dover Food Bank logopng  for their 'most wanted' page by clicking on their logo

  • Want to be part of our Churchyard Green Team?  Get some fresh air and do a really useful job by helping our team who are currently clearing years of ivy overgrowth from St Margaret's Churchyard - contact
  • Saturday Service at St Margaret's Church is for all families and young people- If you don't manage to make it one month, there will be Activity Packs available in the porch for you to collect.  Next one -  2nd July 10am-11am.

  • You can now make a donation to St Margaret's Church by texting 'STMARGS' followed by a number between 1 - 20 to 70085, to donate that amount directly to support us in all we do, for example, text 'STMARGS5' to donate £5.  Find out more on our News page.

  • for more news, go to our News... page. I know, it's seamless!

It's another hot week - what a great reason to come along to a service in our wonderfully cool old buildings!  Three to choose from this Sunday - Westcliffe at 8am, East Langdon at 9.30am and St Margaret's at 10am .

The Cost Of Living - what a curious phrase, when you think about it.  A 'cost' is something you have to exchange in order to receive something else, be it money, time, other goods etc.  What is our Cost of Living?  What do we have to hand over in order to continue to live our lives?  When is that cost too high?  Do we undervalue it?  Who decides?  What can we do about it?

Come have a look at our Jubilee Copse of 7 trees at St Margaret's church, one to mark each decade of the Queen's reign.  There are six Rowan and one Silver Birch, which will provide brilliant red berries for the birds for years to come.  These saplings were chosen for their small, open stature and wildlife benefits.

The DEC is coordinating humanitarian aid efforts for the people of Ukraine - if you can, please make a donation.  Be part of the worldwide effort. 

Jesus was asked "who is my neighbour?"

Who is yours?

Leviticus 19 vs 33-34 -

When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them.
The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.

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What a wonderful service led by Becky and Alex on Sunday at St Margaret's!  The theme was God's earth and how we need to look after it. In the talk Becky showed us how to make a little box out of brown paper (see pics) and after a rather hilarious 10 mins some of us managed to create the box and others didn't! Some fell by the wayside

2.5million emergency food parcels given out by Trussell Trust food banks from April 2020 to March 2021 - that's up from 1.9 million the previous year.

Whilst the Trussell Trust are the largest foodbank organisation, they are by no means the only ones. Food poverty is real and should not be happening. In all of 2010 the number was 41,000. I'll just let that sink in.  You can read more on