The Benefice of St Margaret's with Westcliffe, and East & West Langdon

Part of the Dover Deanery, in the Diocese of Canterbury, Kent.

Welcome to our little corner of England!

  • We are here to serve, connect and support everybody in the villages and hamlets surrounding
    St Margaret's.

  • We strive to be a welcoming and friendly Benefice and look forward to meeting you on your faith journey.

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  • Want to be part of our Churchyard Green Team?  Get some fresh air and do a really useful job by helping our team who are currently clearing years of ivy overgrowth from St Margaret's Churchyard - contact

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On Sunday 19th December a service was held at St Peter’s Church Westcliffe to dedicate a bench to the memory of our dear friend Ted Finnis and his wife Joy. The service was well attended by his family and friends. The bench has been sited in the NW corner of the churchyard and was purchased by generous donations from the Friends of St Peter’s , family and others. The church having already been decorated for Christmas by Brenda Lester and her team looked beautiful for the occasion.

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Getting ready! - with our Christingle & Nativity Service.  What a great way to think of the bigger themes - Jesus the enduring Light of the World, and Jesus arriving into that world.  It allows us to think about the start and the eternal end of the story at the same time, that continuous connection of what was promised, what was and what is.  Teriffic to welcome so many families (and new faces!) to be part of our Nativity play, which was fortifyingly beautiful and random - Judith, you were the best sheep!  Looking forward to the Carol Services cross the Benefice, starting Wednesday 15th, 4pm, with Carols on the Green at East Langdon.  See our When We Worship page for full details.

Just heard the most fantastic quote, courtesy of the Revd Richard Coles - "nothing pleases God more than the sound of a biro on a Gift Aid declaration".

2.5million emergency food parcels given out by Trussell Trust food banks from April 2020 to March 2021 - that's up from 1.9 million the previous year.

Whilst the Trussell Trust are the largest foodbank organisation, they are by no means the only ones. Food poverty is real and should not be happening. In all of 2010 the number was 41,000. I'll just let that sink in.  You can read more on