Tower Talk...

What have we been up to?

It was time, as with all buildings, to carry out some maintenance and repairs to our wonderful Grade I listed church to ensure it's watertight and sound for future generations. It was a multi-part project that took around two years to complete, and as with all these projects, there are still more things to do.

Our Consultant Architect, Katharine Rutherford, working with our Structural Engineer Adrian Cox, drew up the specifications for the work on the tower roof, and worked with our contractors, R C Claringbould & Sons Ltd, to completely remove and replace the tower roof.  In addition, we carried out essential repointing of the tower walls, removal of vegetation, painting of metalwork, stonework repair, flashing renewal and louvre window replacement.  While we were at it, we have had our Victorian frame clock repaired and restored and the weathervane renovated.  We are deeply indebted to all the skilled people who have worked tirelessly through some awful and blistering weather to complete the enormous task we asked of them.   Working on an ancient building presents its own particular challenges and specific methods and materials are required, which was both interesting and informative, as maybe we got to know this precious parish church in a little more detail than before.

Vivienne Verren & Anna Newton

St Margaret of Antioch