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There's always something happening in this little corner of the Deanery...

except for right now.

The Coronavirus pandemic means all social activities are now forbidden until further notice.  That looks like it will be a lot further in the future than any of us would like, but we have to keep each other safe.  Use this time to plan for the future, think of new events, new ways of celebrating life in our community, because, boy, we will really need to see you all out and about again when all this is over!  Take care.

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St Margaret’s & District Gardeners’ Association

Somebody recently said to me that it was time to begin Spring Cleaning.

Not being one of my favourite chores I was relieved when they added – ‘in the Garden’.

May is the time of the year when everything seems to be growing at once, flowers, vegetables and most prolifically weeds! Whilst the weather has been so nice lots of jobs have been achieved. We have been able to regularly cut the lawn; it makes the whole garden look smarter once the grass has been cut. Now is the time to sow grass seed in those patches that didn’t survive the winter. The flower border was the next to receive some attention. Tidy up spent daffodil flowers, dead head and eventually clear out the dead leaves. These should be left until they have yellowed in colour, giving back all the goodness they contain to the bulb in the ground. Old wood can be pruned from Spring flowering shrubs such as Forsythia and Lilac. Weeding is a daily job, as is searching for slugs and snails. Keep an eye out for Viburnum and Lily Beetle grubs as well at this time of the year. Many people advise the ‘Chelsea Chop ‘towards the end of this month, reducing perennials such as Asters, Sedum, Phlox and Rudbeckia by two thirds, to encourage stronger growth and more blooms later in the year. I am a bit wary of this as my plants are not that well established and the ‘shock’ might kill them! Already the border is looking tidier. Plants you thought, just a few weeks ago, had not survived can be seen showing signs of life. Now for the vegetable patch. It’s time to earth up the potatoes you sowed back in March, this prevents the growing potatoes coming to the surface and turning green. Pinch out the tips of broad beans as soon as the flowers show and remove any side shoots forming at the angle between the main stem and leaf on the tomatoes. This will keep the plant strong and healthy. Another tip is once they are flowering gently shake them every so often to disperse the pollen.

Then make yourself a cup of coffee or a pot of tea find somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy your garden. We are very lucky to live where we do and whether our garden be small or large, we wouldn’t be without it I am sure.

On behalf of all members of the SMADGA committee we send our best wishes to you all, stay safe and keep gardening!

STMADGA Committee

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