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The Coronavirus pandemic means all social activities are postponed for now.  That looks like it will be a lot further in the future than any of us would like, but we have to keep each other safe.  Use this time to plan for the future, think of new events, new ways of celebrating life in our community, because, boy, we will really need to see you all out and about again as soon as we can!  Take care.

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St Margaret’s & District Gardeners’ Association

November Gardening 2020


The idea of venturing outside to pick herbs to cook with somehow loses its appeal as the days get shorter and the temperature dips. By making the most of a sunny windowsill you can grow herbs indoors right through the winter.

 One way to achieve this is to dig up part of the plant you have growing in the garden now, this works well with mint, chives, parsley, tarragon and thyme. Make sure never to take more than one third of the original. Dig up small sections and, using a multipurpose peat-free or John Innes compost, plant in a container at least 15cm/6in across with drainage holes. (A plastic tray your grapes or tomatoes come in would be ideal). Place on a sunny windowsill with a night temperature of around 15c degrees and keep moist.

 The second way to achieve fresh herbs during the winter months is to sow seeds. Germination may be slower as the days become shorter, but you can try basil, coriander and parsley. Use seed trays or 9cm/3in pots.   Use seed and cutting compost or a peat-free multipurpose. If you have it, cover the seed with a thin layer of vermiculite or dusting of compost. Keep compost moist but not soggy, less water is required during winter.

 If you are lucky enough to get an abundance of herbs, they can easily be preserved by freezing them. Fill the cups of an ice-cube tray with chopped and blanched herbs, top up with water and freeze. When frozen place in a freezer bag and use by just dropping one or two cubes into the dish you are cooking.


Not too late to plant Tulips, which are always best left until November!