Welcome to Quest!

Questions, Questions!
We all have them. We're all on a
Quest for a closer relationship with God. We are Questers. We make reQuests.  We hold inQuests to work out where we went wrong - or right!
We are custodians of God's be
Quest to us - our planet.

Quest is the umbrella for all things "family faith" within the Benefice, such as the Saturday Service, Children's Choir, Greener Group and all groups centred around our families and young people.

So, "HELLO!" to you all, and let's have a look at what's here today...

If you are looking for practical advice on how to parent with Christianity, have a look at the Kitchen Table Project website and YouTube channel.

 It's full of really sensible, practical advice and real-world examples of how as a parent you can live out your faith wthin your parenting, and pass on that gift to your children.

Lectio for Families is a wonderfully simple app to use with children, with a daily Bible reading, memory verse and pause-and-reflect section, that's very easy for children to navigate.