Welcome to Quest!

Questions, Questions!
We all have them. We're all on a
Quest for a closer relationship with God. We are Questers. We make reQuests.  We hold inQuests to work out where we went wrong - or right!
We are custodians of God's be
Quest to us - our planet.

Quest is the umbrella for all things "young people" within the Benefice, such as the Saturday Service, Children's Choir, Eco-Angels and all groups centred around our families and young people.

So, "HELLO!" to you all, and let's have a look at what's here today...


If you are looking for practical advice on how to parent with Christianity, have a look at the Kitchen Table Project website and YouTube channel.  It's full of really sensible, practical advice and real-world examples of how as a parent you can live out your faith wthin your parenting, and pass on that gift to your children.